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Hello and welcome to The Modern Day Typewriter. I appreciate your interest in stopping by today. Browse through the pages and enjoy the work that I am so proud of.

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Melbourne, Victoria


Rebecca Borg is a second year journalist student at La Trobe University. The work you see is a compilation of her best work from over the years. She is experienced in writing, editing, videography, audio and photography as well as social media and branding.

Rebecca won the People’s Choice Award for YAJA 2019 for her piece “Puckered Lips and Selfie Sticks – Social Media is a Child’s worst enemy”. She is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society and is an editor for Rabelais Magazine.

Rebecca aspires to be an Australian journalist for some of the country’s leading newspapers. She is always up for a challenge and hopes to work her way up to a producer position for broadcast or television news.

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