Victoria: Not the place to be – right now.

– Opinion – While cases continue to rise across Victoria, interstate premiers are having a field day, grateful that they’re not in Daniel Andrews’ position, yet. Trust Victoria to become the embarrassing uncle of Australia. We’re those who are disapprovingly spoken about at family dinner and those who no longer remain on the list toContinue reading “Victoria: Not the place to be – right now.”

The New Normal

Season One Episode One: From lecture theatres to laptop screens. Transcript: [Various news headline extracts] [Music: ‘Seeing the future’ by Dexter Britain available here] REBECCA: With universities, tafes and colleges closing across the state, Victorian students studying practical subjects have fallen behind as their classes move to a virtual setting. Today, you will listen toContinue reading “The New Normal”

How dogs can help seniors in isolation.

All around the world, the elderly population are being asked to self-isolate due to the risks imposed by COVID-19. But with self-isolation comes the likelihood of an increase in physical and mental health issues, as several freedoms are taken away. So what can be done to decrease the onset of loneliness and depression within ourContinue reading “How dogs can help seniors in isolation.”

The important role technology plays in battling COVID-19

 — With new social-distancing requirements and the shutdown of non-essential services schools and workplaces, COVID-19 has disrupted social order. As a result we have become more dependent on technology to communicate with others. So what would this mean if COVID-19 emerged in a time where technology wasn’t as  advanced? Rebecca Borg has the answer.    Audio: ByContinue reading “The important role technology plays in battling COVID-19”