RAB Freelancing

Are you looking for someone to write about, photograph or film your story? If you answered yes then you’ve come to the right place.


Trying to put pen to paper but don’t know where to start? Look no further. I can write hard news stories, feature articles, profile pieces, explainers, opinion pieces, reviews and video and podcast scripts on whatever comes to mind.


Trying to capture the perfect moment but can’t figure your aperture from your shutter speed? Stress no more. I can photograph still life objects, be your Photo Booth photographer and your photo editor for half the price of professional photographers.


Trying to film the perfect moment but can’t distinguish the over the shoulder shot from the wide shot? Say no more. I can film still life short films, advertisements, special coverage and social media videos on both camera and mobile devices before editing, rendering and exporting your final product.


Trying to perfect your writing but don’t know your ellipsis from your hyphen? I’m here to help. I can edit creative, formal, informal, blog posts, essays, web pages and a whole lot more using Microsoft Track Changes.

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