The Iconic: 8 Features of E-commerce Technology Analysis

For my Digital Business class, my role was to prepare a short video for the CEO of an e-commerce company, looking at how they have implemented the 8 features of e-commerce technology – ubiquity, global reach, universal standards, richness, interactivity, information density, personalisation and social technology – into their online platform. Additionally, I was requiredContinue reading “The Iconic: 8 Features of E-commerce Technology Analysis”

How dogs can help seniors in isolation.

All around the world, the elderly population are being asked to self-isolate due to the risks imposed by COVID-19. But with self-isolation comes the likelihood of an increase in physical and mental health issues, as several freedoms are taken away. So what can be done to decrease the onset of loneliness and depression within ourContinue reading “How dogs can help seniors in isolation.”