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Rebecca Borg is a third-year journalist student at La Trobe University. She has experience in writing, editing, videography, audio, and photography as well as social media and branding.

Rebecca was the winner of 2019 YAJA People’s Choice Award for YAJA for her piece “Puckered Lips and Selfie Sticks – Social Media is a Child’s worst enemy”. She is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society as well as the La Trobe Student Excellence Academy. She is a sub-editor for Rabelais Magazine, editor for upstart magazine and the brains behind the content you see here today.

Rebecca aspires to be an Australian journalist for some of the country’s leading newspapers, and plans to become both a reporter and feature writer.

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Latest Work

How to significantly improve your health just by sipping tea.

FEATURE| Unlike coffee, tea has a solution for every situation.

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Simple ways to repurpose your tote bags without being a seamstress.

EXPLAINER| They’re not just for shopping. Get creative and give your tote bag a second chance at life.

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5 altruistic Melbourne cafes that need your help.

FEATURE| Supporting those that are most in need can be as simple as purchasing a cup of coffee.

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You must try these 5 vegan alternatives to your traditional Christmas meals this festive season.

FEATURE| Cater for all your family’s eating needs by serving this vegan menu this Christmas.

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5 ways to celebrate Christmas this season while on a shoestring budget.

FEATURE| Don’t let your tight finances ruin your Christmas spirit.

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Meet Theo Patsiotis – The Man that Built Blu Fish and Chippery into the Melbourne Landmark it is Today

FEATURE| Learn how entrepreneur Theodore Patsiotis turned knowledge and passion into successful seafood restaurant, Blu by Australian Seafood Group.

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