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Rebecca Borg is a third-year journalist student at La Trobe University. She has experience in writing, editing, videography, audio, and photography as well as social media and branding.

Rebecca was the winner of 2019 YAJA People’s Choice Award for YAJA for her piece “Puckered Lips and Selfie Sticks – Social Media is a Child’s worst enemy”. She is also a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society as well as the La Trobe Student Excellence Academy.

Rebecca aspires to be an Australian journalist for some of the country’s leading newspapers, and plans to become both a reporter and feature writer.

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Latest Work


Super-resolution microscopy in detecting DNA double strand breaks.

FEATURE| New high-resolution microscopic technology has enabled researchers to make ground breaking discoveries about the role proteins have in homologous recombination.

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Contraception in Rohingya refugee camps.

FEATURE| The call to educate more Rohingya men and women on sexual and reproductive health in Rohingya refugee camps.

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3 Psychological Benefits that Come With Plant Parenting.

FEATURE| Indoor plants deliver more goodness than just great looks.

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Three Innovative Gardening Gadgets for Every Green-Thumb To-Be.

FEATURE| Tired of looking at droopy plants? Revitalise your garden with these futuristic devices.

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Fish microbial communities in the Amazon River Basin.

FEATURE| New research reveals that fish skin and gut microbiomes respond differently to species and habitat-specific factors.

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5 Tips to Avoid All the Nasties in Your Pup’s Food

EXPLAINER| How to decide which pet food brands to buy and the ones to avoid.

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